Think SMArt Lockers. Think TZ.

TZ's innovative, electronic parcel logistics solutions automate "last mile delivery" of package and express deliveries to commercial and residential locations.

Our intelligent package asset delivery (PAD) solutions feature a state-of-the-art system of modular lockers that integrate a network of TZ SMArt™ locking devices and proprietary system software. PAD solutions offer shippers, private and public parcel services and recipients alike secure, efficient and convenient drop off and pick up of almost any packaged asset — vital documents, valuable merchandise, sensitive materials, perishables and critical parts and components.

Making every delivery more accountable.

Think SMArt Lockers. Think TZ.

PAD System Overview

TZ Packaged Asset Delivery offers an innovative range of secure storage and enclosure systems to secure, streamline and audit the complete chain of custody of parcels and express deliveries. TZ PAD Systems integrate software, networking and TZ SMArtTM locking devices to enable secure storage and tracking of valuable, time sensitive parcels.

TZ Packaged Asset Delivery, Inc. also offers a range of services that can optimize solutions to address the needs of discrete segments - large enterprises, small-to-medium enterprises, business-to-consumer marketers and delivery services and multi-residential building environments.

System Benefits

24 X 7 Secure & Convenient 24 X 7 Secure & Convenient
Mobile App Enabled Technology Mobile App Enabled Technology
Flexible Locker Bank Design Flexible Locker Bank Design
Digital Locking Technology Digital Locking Technology
Reduces Package Holding Time Reduces Package Holding Time
Reverse Retail Logistics Solution Reverse Retail Logistics Solution
Custom Materials and Finishes Custom Materials and Finishes
Customisable Workflow Customisable Workflow
Streamline Delivery Process Streamline Delivery Process
Standalone or Networked Standalone or Networked
Modular and Scalable Solution Modular and Scalable Solution
Range of Authentication Options Range of Authentication Options

Think SMArt Lockers.

Asset Management

Improving Parcel Chain of Custody in Large Enterprises.

Revolutionising Workplace Workflow Management.

Intelligent Residential Package Delivery Lockers.

Automating Package Exchange for Colleges.

A SMArter Parcel Locker Solution.

Away-from-Home Parcel Delivery Options.

Pioneering a New Intelligent Mail System.

Client Testimonials

The Sterling
“ With TZ Concierge™ in place, residents can pick up their packages any day and any time.”
FBA Logistics
“TZ provided the best value in terms of reliability, ease of use and customisation.”
Singapore Post
“POPStations enable customers to get service faster and closer to their homes or offices.”
“TZ's smart lockers provide a secure and convenient 24 x 7 access solution for students.”

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