TZ PAD Services to Meet Your Needs

TZ is dedicated to providing expert technical support to ensure that our SMArt™ locker systems fit perfectly with your operational objectives and satisfy the specific needs of your environment. At TZ we recognize that customers’ needs can be very different – so we offer a range of services to help you tailor an automated parcel locker system that meets your exact requirements.

System Design

Our global team of experienced engineers and preferred supply partners can help you prepare and design all elements of your TZ electronic parcel lockers with expandable modules, flexible storage sizes, decorative finishes, software configuration and system integration.

Material Selection

Our automated parcel locker systems are fabricated from recyclable, modular mill-work with a wide range of finishes available, including veneers, laminates or paint finishes. All recycled materials conform to ANSI standards.

Customized Software Development

Our software developers can extend and enhance existing platforms by developing new and innovative applications that address your particular workflow and business requirements, including specific user interface configurations, management reports, workflow developments and application integration into existing tracking software and other asset management systems.

Maintenance Services

Our TZ PAD services team offers a range of tiered service plans and professional maintenance services to fit your budget. These programs will ensure regular software updates together with 24/7 smart parcel locker technical support. We also offer monitoring services to troubleshoot and help you solve any acute performance issues, check and evaluate system interfaces and optimize your TZ SMArt™ locker systems.