System Overview

Physical System Overview

Physically, the TZ SMArt™ locker systems consist of a bank of modular lockers with one of the lockers dedicated to housing the system hardware and power supply. A typical bank of smart package lockers is comprised of columns, with each column consisting of either six small lockers per column, a mixture of five or six small and medium lockers per column or two large lockers per column. Each column features a proprietary TZ locking raceway that incorporates the required number of TZ SMArt™ locking devices for the number of lockers in each column. TZ electronic intelligent locker systems are available in a variety of finishes to complement or match the environments in which they are installed.

Hardware System Overview

TZ package asset delivery systems feature the following electronic and computer hardware:
  • 10.2″ diagonal touch screen, which is installed at a slant to enhance ergonomics and at a height that accommodates people with disabilities
  • Windows-based computer
  • GMS modem and remote aerial
  • Ethernet port
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

Software System Overview

TZ SMArt™ locker system software runs on the Windows 7 operating system and complies with standard Windows principles and methods of operation and is designed to work with only a single bank lockers. The smart package locker software is designed for three System users – administrators, end-users/recipients and mail or parcel service agents – and features a wide range of functions:
  • Allows only designated people to place packages within the bank of lockers
  • Manages the lockers
  • Notifies intended recipients of package deliveries via SMS text message or email, and gives a them a unique access code for retrieving packages
  • Allows the recipient to pick up the package in a secure manner through use of the access code
  • This intelligent parcel locker system displays notifications for errant SMS messages and undeliverable e-mails
  • Notifies the intended recipient on a regular, definable basis if packages are not picked up in a timely manner
  • Sends the intended recipient a notification that the locker will be cleaned out after a predetermined amount of lapsed time
  • Keeps an audit trail pertaining to the packages, smart package lockers assessed, system overrides and general traffic through the System
  • TZ PAD intelligent locker system software can be automatically updated via Internet download from the TZ website