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Corporate – Accountable Mail Management Lockers

Improving Parcel Chain of Custody in Large Enterprises.

An average corporate mailroom can easily receive anywhere from 500 to 1,000 accountable parcels or express deliveries each day. Traditionally a corporate mail management team then deliver these packages, logging the deliveries manually to track the number of packages received, the origin and the recipient information — an extremely time consuming, labour intensive process that is prone to human error.
Given the number of packages received, many large enterprises invest in two or more full-time employees just to manage the process of logging and hand delivering these packages. This is becoming increasingly difficult to do efficiently, with mobility of today’s employees, as workers spend more time out of the office, working from home, on the road and across more flexible work schedules. Chances for successful first time personal delivery are greatly reduced.
TZ Smart Locker Solutions help corporate mail centers streamline and improve the process of parcel delivery and distribution. With a TZ Smart Locker, a mail management team no longer needs a time-specific, one-to-one procedure for distributing packages to employees. Packages can be placed securely into a Smart Locker compartment and the system automatically tracks delivery and notifies the employee for secure pick up — at their convenience.
TZ Smart Locker Solutions allow large enterprises to dramatically improve delivery accountability within their organizations, and provide an effective means to safeguard valuable packaged assets ensuring end-to-end chain of custody. In addition, TZ Locker Management Software provides granular real-time system data within a Locker network and allows organizations to plan and manage workflow processes more effectively, and ultimately to reduce operational costs and improve on-going operational efficiencies.