Day Lockers

Corporate Day Lockers and Workplace Asset Management

Revolutionising Workplace Workflow Management.

With more and more workers working remotely, many large corporations are now implementing an agile workplace environment which leverages technology and employee policies to optimise the amount of real estate that a company really requires. The promotion of initiatives such as flexible work hours, work space choice, shared resources and the paperless office, have driven corporations to deploy “Day Lockers”, where employees have the opportunity to store all their personal items at the end of a day’s work, freeing up the work space for someone else.
In the past, security of these personal workplace locker storage spaces have been the domain of key locking or in some instances simple forms of electronic locking. However, as corporate requirements become more integrated with work practices, Day Locker Management Systems are no longer just about providing a secure locker enclosure, but also have a need for integration with existing HR and security infrastructure systems; to have the flexibility to accommodate a company’s specific workflows; and to enable multi-site remotely administered access control.
The TZ Day Locker Management System is a state-of-the-art, end-to-end customisable solution that enables the complete management and control of secure personal workplace locker enclosures in accordance with defined workflow and operational practices.
The personal workplace locker management system comprises a network of TZ SMArt Locking Devices that provide security and management of Locker units at a Locker Bank, within a fully integrated Locker infrastructure. At the local workplace locker bank level, day locker units are accessed via secure RFID swipe card authentication or if preferred, a touchscreen interface can be deployed to provide a broader range of locker preference options to the user.
The TZ SMArt Locking Device network can be stand-alone at the workplace locker bank level or can be managed by a centralised server software which communicates, controls, manages and reports on each discrete locker bank installation, managing all devices residing at the Locker Bank such as TZ SMArt Locking Devices, sensors, gateways and other third party components like card readers. The work locker server platform stores all captured data, events and logs in a securely accessible central SQL Server database and leverages smart client technology for its cross-browser user interface.
The TZ Control Server can be seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise applications like Building Management, Security and HR Systems.