Postal and Logistics

Postal and Logistics Lockers

Offering Your Customers Away-from-Home Parcel Delivery Options.

The exponential increase in parcel delivery requirements has driven postal organisations and logistics companies around the world to explore automated indoor and outdoor parcel lockers as an alternative delivery solution that can provide cost effective and convenient physical distribution of goods to the consumer.
The primary motivation for parcel delivery lockers, in the first instance, is to improve operational efficiency and to address the increasing costs associated with unsuccessful first try deliveries to households and to improve the delivery experience for consumers. More recently, electronic parcel lockers have moved from being purely last mile delivery ‘pick-up points’ and first mile access ‘drop-off points’ to solutions that offer a range of value-added services targeted at consumers, e-retailers and mail order companies.
Many companies have the capability to build a smart package and mail locker, however at TZ, we believe in a design-led and technology approach to our intelligent parcel locker offerings.
TZ smart package and mail locker systems are designed on an open and extensible hardware and software technology platform that allows flexibility for customisation in locker configuration and aesthetics, customisation in workflow and operating practices, and the ability to upgrade and/or extend the system to not only suit the requirements of today but those that may emerge in the future.
Accordingly, TZ smart package and mail lockers are not off-the-shelf solutions but designed for our clients to meet their requirements including dimensional constraints, parcel sizes, material and finish aesthetics, indoor or outdoor deployment.
TZ’s parcel delivery locker design is focused on delivering functionality, serviceability and utility. The System has a modular framework that ensures ease of configuration, installation, maintenance and extension. The System also incorporates high utility features as part of a standard offering such as anti-graffiti paint finishes, integrated weather seals for improved IP rating and active air flow design for energy efficiency.
TZ’s software architecture is designed as an extensible framework that enables simple integration with third party devices and software systems. Standard features include remote system management, real-time locker reservation and scheduling, live locker unit monitoring, reporting and operational control. Most importantly TZ makes package locker system integration and interfacing with back-end third party systems simple for end-to-end functionality. TZ indoor and outdoor parcel locker systems also support application extensions to point of sale retail, digital media management and other value added options.
With the significant investment in capital needed to build a package locker system network, a Locker solution built today must be capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow. TZ smart parcel delivery lockers offer a technology approach that is capable of fulfilling the expanding needs of the consumer market and supporting the potential for new and exciting commercial services.