Residential Lockers

High Density Residential – Concierge Lockers

Intelligent Residential Package Delivery Lockers.

Every year the number of delivered parcels increases. Within a high density apartment condominium, getting parcels into the right hands takes considerable time and effort and despite the best efforts of property managers, some parcels do go missing. Residents increasingly expect 24/7 retrieval of their delivered items with 100% security.
To overcome these issues, Property Owners and Managers are installing automated residential locker systems to provide increased utility for their tenants and assist in the receiving and distribution of these parcels.
Unlike these simple metal locker solutions, TZ offers a modular state-of-the-art intelligent apartment package locker system that is customisable in configuration and aesthetics and able to fit nicely into a community environment specially designed to match and complement décor.
The TZ residential locker system simplifies the internal delivery and administration process, reduces operational cost and improves service levels to residents while recording every parcel drop-off and pick-up ensuring no misplaced parcels. Parcels are placed directly into a TZ apartment package locker bank by couriers or door staff and recipients are automatically notified by e-mail or text message to collect their packages at their convenience.
In addition to these basic functions, a TZ residential locker can also be customised to suit specific workflow practices or for integration with third party providers. This inherent flexibility transforms a simple Locker implementation into a high utility value added package locker system for the provision of tenant services related to the management of inbound and outbound items.

Reduced Package Handling

Packages are placed directly into TZ Concierge™ by couriers or door staff and recipients are automatically notified by e-mail or text message to collect their packages. TZ Concierge™ greatly reduces the workload of the property management team — eliminating staff delivery and manual tracking records.

Eliminates Receiving Room

Packages are stored in the apartment package lockers – no need for a receiving room or for unsightly packages cluttering the reception area.

Scalable Modular Locker Design

TZ package locker systems are modular in design and available in a range of finishes – simply add more locker units as package deliveries increase.

24/7 Access E-Mail /Text Alerts

TZ Concierge™ enables a higher level of resident convenience with 24/7 package collection and email or text message notification when the package is delivered.

Tracking and Full Accountability

TZ Concierge™ provides total control as it tracks every parcel drop-off and pick-up.

Increased Security

TZ Concierge™ provides a more secure method for residents to pick-up packages, offering end-to-end chain of custody and complete automation and management of the delivery process.

Dry Cleaning, Flowers and Food

TZ package locker systems can be configured to accommodate a wide range of delivered items from trusted suppliers. Flower, grocery and dry cleaning locker systems offer your residents numerous convenient delivery options.